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The ever changing payment processing environment

Electronic PaymentsUS domestic card processing has become commoditized, while new payment models are also coming in at low costs for merchants. This move is expected to continue, with large companies such as Google and Amazon leading the way to bring their debit solutions to the market.

As we have been forecasting for some time, the value of real transaction data has been recognized as being the most valuable for projecting new sales. This is driving all advertising models, to the point where the question of whether it is at a profit, breakeven or a loss is almost irrelevant as long as the data is collected.

The international market is also changing, although in a different way. The regulators have been more aggressive about exercising control of KYC and money laundering, which has caused some banks to pull out of much of the market, not least in the area of person-to-person remittances which has suffered from prices rising above even the previous elevated levels.

VAT collectionRTpay can bring to bear experience, expertise and established software tools to facilitate the sales process at all levels – for merchants, processors and end-customers. In particular, processors who are able to offer their customers a seamlessly integrated multi-currency solution with minimum requirements for merchants will not only retain their existing customer base but will be in a good position to attract new clients away from less forward-looking competitors.

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How we can help

We can help

RTpay has the expertise and background to manage the currency exposure, as well as to provide the accounting interface with any processor’s system.


The RTpay team has seasoned experts in FX and transaction processing, and experience in working with tax authorities and international tax agencies in the EU and globally


RTpay can provide a full software solution for real-time reports and management controls. Applications and integration are available to facilitate and manage real-time currency conversion and automated tax collection for both processors and merchants


RTpay can manage the overall hedging strategy, including day-to-day trading and market analysis

Tax and legal

RTpay works with experts around the world to help clients keep up with the fast-changing regulations

Longer term strategy

RTpay works with experts around the world to help clients keep up with the fast-changing regulations. RTpay’s experience in European and global tax collection applications ensures secure and efficient compliance with local and international legislation


RTpay can provide currency investment strategies for optimizing asset values and reducing risk on committed capital in foreign operations






How we can helpYou can choose between a number of different models:

In each case, the processor can hold all the funds and have direct settlements with the card associations / acquiring banks / other payment groups – and the merchants. Alternatively, much of the process can be outsourced to RTpay.

Managing currencies

Management toolsWhen you expand into the Global Market your consumers will expect to transact in their own local currencies and with their own local payment methods.  This means that there is a need to manage accounts in more than one currency and understand the risk involved in holding balances in other currencies and in converting them.

Tools which monitor fluctuations in currency exchange rates and differences in interest rates between countries can be used to manage this risk.

Staffing requirements to provide intelligent decision making can be costly; our consultancy can bring you a wealth of experience at a fraction of the cost.

We offer a currency risk mitigation platform to you as a web service and include friendly desktop tools which bring sample reports in a familiar and friendly interface.

You can integrate the web services directly into your back office applications, with a seamless flow of data into your own customer applications.

Tools We Bring


RTpay CRITICCWe have developed a range of tools to make it easier to record and track data at the transactional level and to build meaningful reports from that data, which can be used to manage risk.  These tools are available for your use and can be integrated into your back office systems using our web services-based API at the transaction level.

Alternatively we can manage the whole international transactional structure, essentially providing a guaranteed, domestic accounting solution into your system, with a minimum amount of integration required from you. In either case you will receive updates of software, immediate pricing and settlement of hedge data, plus longer term FX management.


criticc-demoFor a demo showing how to use our tools to calculate VAT
and present prices in the currency of the consumer click here.




Payment Types

Payment typesAdd payment types as and when you wish on a country by country basis, including debit, mobile and new products.

International consumers will expect to transact not only in their own currency but also using their own payment vehicles. The card brands used in the United States are not always the most popular brands and in some cases not even available in other countries, so to avoid shopping cart abandonment you will need to support local payment methods. This will be particularly important as mobile-phone based solutions become more common, as mobile transactions are virtually always provided solely in the domestic currency of the consumer.




Anticipate the impact of regulatory changes and security concerns on your business on a country by country basis, including debit, mobile and new products.

RegulationsIn addition to payment card industry (PCI) standards on security, it is necessary to understand and apply data privacy rules, know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules and other local and international legislation and regulations. There may also be licensing concerns depending on your particular operational model.

This is an area where ongoing attention is essential, as jurisdictions impose new regulations on matters such as data privacy, tax policy and timeliness of reports. We believe that reporting and tracking in ‘real time’ is essential to address both security concerns and compliance assurance. System attacks are frequently focused suddenly and aggressively and can cause enormous harm if not identified immediately. Similarly, fines and penalties imposed by governing bodies can be harsh, but immediate reporting and remedial action can greatly reduce the impact.

Accounting and Recurring Payments

Enable instalment and recurring payments in consumers’ currency while settling in the merchants’ own currency.

Exchange RatesPayments by instalments are important in many parts of the world, particularly those with high interest rates. Lining up forward contracts to manage the receipt of payments can be complicated – and can be expensive if the currency drops dramatically during the course of the payment schedule. For example in Brazil, where this model is widely used, the local currency dropped 25% during 2013 at one stage, so greatly reducing profits for merchants who did not hedge correctly.

Recurring transactions are also popular in areas such as gaming and subscriptions for magazines and web services. These are more complicated to hedge, given that they are open-ended so subject to cancellation at short notice, but still commit the merchant to a pricing in the consumer’s currency. This requires expert hedging techniques, something that the RTpay Global Consulting team has specialized in for many years.

Using RTpay Global Consultancy’s systems, you can interface your operations throughout the world into a single or multiple accounting format. Companies looking for central management controls over all worldwide sales require centralized systems that will help to manage wide-ranging external factors, such as card association regulations or government controls on the exporting of personal data.

Factoring and Financing

AnalysisOld-fashioned factoring has been around for hundreds of years – and can still work well in some circumstances. This is being enhanced by modern financing, structured with marketing revenue and cross-correlation of trading flows, to optimize the pricing format. In some senses this market is still in its infancy, but is attracting a lot of attention from major companies and banks throughout the world as being the key to widening sales to the large new markets.

Understanding the risk parameters is vital for this market; this is something that can be managed solely by RTpay Global Consulting at our risk, or can be provided in report format so that company decisions are based on the best data available.



FX Commissions

Foreign ExchangeYou earn foreign exchange income by operating at margin you set, merchant by merchant – with flexibility for profit sharing, fixed fee commissions and based on the size of the merchant.

Understanding your foreign exchange risk provides opportunities not only to reduce that risk but also to increase revenues and create new profit centres.




ReversalsAvoid chargebacks by enabling reverse transactions at the same rate as entry.

Customers will expect the amount refunded to match the original sale price. Variations caused by currency fluctuations can cause confusion and lead to complaints and bad reviews. Understanding how to solve this problem will increase customer retention and lower chargebacks.




Choose Your Bank

Use whichever banks you prefer, for acquiring and for FX conversion – or have RTpay Global Consulting transact the currency conversion directly with our own trading partners. 

CardsOur solution is designed to offer trade advice independent of any single trading entity; this gives you flexibility and keeps your options open for future growth.  However, if you need help finding a financial institution to provide acquiring or treasury services, we can facilitate this on your behalf.

We can provide you with a real-time comparison indicating your current FX rates versus the market. In some cases, we can also offset your currency flows against other transactions we manage in the reverse flow, so both parties can achieve lower conversion costs.

We can also assist in finding partners for other aspects of your international expansion.



Manage tax settlements in appropriate currencies, including VAT on B2C in the EU. 

VATSometimes taxes are not due immediately, and holding payables in the wrong currency can create unnecessary foreign exchange risk. As many taxes are moving towards being collected and settled in the consumer’s country and currency, it is important to ensure that due taxes are deducted from the conversion to the merchant’s currency in order to avoid double conversion fees.

Changes in tax policy, and rates of tax for particular goods and services within that policy, occur frequently, requiring ongoing professional assistance and support.



Flexible Pricing

ConsultantJust as we would encourage you to offer flexible pricing to your customers and in their native currencies, we offer you the same opportunities when contracting for our own services.

We work with you to decide which type of agreement works best for you; whether we charge by the hour, or as a percentage of the additional income generated or costs reduced. There is an initial work period to assess your current and future requirements, during which all payment options can be discussed.




Grow with us

RTpay Global Consulting’s experienced consultants have been operating in the foreign exchange and international transaction business for over thirty years and have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in optimizing payments for servicing worldwide customers. As part of the comprehensive service, specific software has been developed to analyze and implement transactions and trades. This software is constantly refined and updated, but the core system has formed the backbone of processing for major companies and investment groups over the last seven years.
A key aspect of the RTpay Global Consulting service is the management of currency settlement and hedging requirements. Processors can either opt to operate the hedge transactions themselves through their selected banking links, or they can choose to have RTpay’s specialists arrange this. In either case, RTpay provides the exact amounts of each currency hedge and subsequent settlement breakdown for each currency pair. This knowledge and experience is provided to strategic partners, generally in a white label format, enabling processors to incorporate a single interface to multiple international payment options. The solution incorporates an accounting structure which offers a highly detailed level of granularity, including transaction by transaction listing in order to manage reverse transactions.
Displaying pricing in the currency of the consumer, wherever they are in the world, has many benefits for merchants, not least the ability to accept local payment types. It is also a consumer-friendly service, indicating consumer engagement by personalizing according to the needs of the customer. The RTpay system automates this process, ensuring that product prices are displayed at a competitive and up-to-date rate, while the merchant receives a guaranteed amount in his own currency, with all back-office accounting functions provided by the system. This creates an extra income stream for the processor, and a valuable wider market for the merchant.



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